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Well hello there! Are you ready to transform into a badass ballerina?

Here's your free class 👇

You're welcome 💁🏻‍♀️ Just one, thing... promise to tell me what you thought after your class 🙏

Drop me an email or DM me on instagram


You get to be a badass ballerina 😉

I liken most barre classes to women who go swimming with their hair set and a full face of make-up, doing a kind-pf half-hearted breaststroke making damn sure the water doesn't touch their head at all! People who take BarreBeats classes become a sweaty mess and they LOVE it because it works and it's fun!

ok, so what makes it different?
  • It's heavily ballet-based so for those who've done ballet before it's a beautiful reminder or those times whereas most "barre" classes could be any generic fitness class but holding onto a ballet barre *yawn*

  • We use large, compound movements to get the heart-rate up without any high-impact (read: no jumping) moves. This is also much more functional than the small pulsing movements commonly associated with barre classes - what is even the point?!

I noticed you don't use a barre. Can i teach with one?

You sure can! In the course I show you:

  • how to use the barre

  • cases when it is a great idea to use a barre

  • why I choose not to use one (most of the time) - hint: it's way better for challenging your body

can i complete the training course online?

YASSS! The great thing about the COVID pandemic (I know, I know... enough already!) is that it's brought online fitness to the fore and we can capitalise on that as instructors.

You can take the training course online and in your own time by selecting the 'On Demand' training option. If you want some extra support you can choose to do a blended learning training which includes all the on demand content plus 2 x 2-hour live-stream training sessions with me (Naomi 💁🏻‍♀️). If there isn't currently a live-stream session that works for you, book onto the on demand and then you can purchase the live-streams as an add-on at a later date.

don't take my word for it...
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