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Video library with all the positions, steps and exercises

you need to be a badass ballerina!

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Livestream training with personal instruction and feedback from Naomi to make sure you feel ready to teach incredible classes

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Tools and tips to create endless

variations to inspire, motivate

and challenge your customers and stave of boredom

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Comprehensive manual including functional anatomy relevant to ballet to ensure you are providing a safe, effective and market-leading barre class

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Training pathways 


Are there pre-requisites to take the BarreBeats training course?

No! However it helps if you have participated in BarreBeats classes or if you have

experience within ballet/barre and group fitness classes.

You will be taught everything you need to know to create your own classes using music

that you love and according to the needs and goals of your clients.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary insurance cover and knowledge

to teach your classes safely.

What happens after the training course?

Purchase your BarreBeats license (see below), prepare your class and begin teaching

your BarreBeats classes as soon as you feel ready. Naomi is available to provide 

ongoing support for all licensed BarreBeats instructors.



Is there a license or franchise fee to pay?

There is a lifetime license fee to pay of just £150 upon completion of your

training. This license fee will allow you to use the BarreBeats name and logos

as well as give you access to exclusive support from Naomi. You will be able to submit your classes for listing on this website. 

There are NO ongoing fees and there is no franchise fee.

Is this a pre-choreographed program?

No, this is not pre-choreographed and you are free to use your own creativity! You will have all the tools you need to create continually evolving and challenging classes for your customers with ease. You are able to choose your own music and are not bound to use any specific choreography or Naomi's music choices.


Will I receive a certificate?

Upon passing your online assessment you will receive a certificate of completion. 

I don't know whether to take the online option of blended learning. Which would you suggest?

There are two options to complete your BarreBeats training:

1. Self-directed, fully online learning which gives you access to the manual and online videos. You should choose this option if you are able to motivate yourself through self-study and if you have ballet knowledge. It is not advisable to select this option if you have no ballet knowledge, do not teach barre classes or have never taught group fitness to music classes.

2. Blended learning  consisting of the manual and online videos plus a one-day face-to-face training course with Naomi. You should choose this option if you want to ensure you have the best possible learning experience.

There are no training days near me. Will you be adding more?

All scheduled face-to-face training days are listed below. 

I would encourage you to travel where possible and guarantee it will be worth it!

It is unlikely that I will be running training courses outside of the UK at this time but please feel free to contact me with any requests. 

If the location really are impossible for you purchase the online only learning option and then if you would like to attend a face-to-face training day you can purchase that separately as and when a date comes up that you can get to.

What is included in the training course?

Click here for a full overview of the course content.

got questions?

Important FAQs about becoming a BarreBeats Instructor

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what content is covered

in the training?


What is BarreBeats?

What is it and what are it's origins

The benefits of BarreBeats

What are the benefits and who the class is aimed at

Anatomy & Physiology

How the body works, why we do specific exercises, how to target specific muscles as well as functional anatomy relative to ballet

Precautions and contraindications

Everything from hyper-mobility to foot cramps

The Positions

Ballet positions of the arms, feet, legs and body

The Exercises

A library of exercises including set-ups, benefits, modifications, tips and variations

Incorporating hand weights

A fundamental part of the BarreBeats class. How to use them to target the upper body


A fundamental part of any class that is often overlooked

Structure of a BarreBeats class

How to format your classes to give customers what they want and make them successful

Class preparation

How to create your classes, choosing wicked music, working with music

Being an incredible instructor

What it takes to deliver an incredible experience to your customers

What's next?

Next steps to power up your teaching and professionalism

After completing your training and upon payment of your lifetime one-off license fee you will receive access to:

An example class.

Videos, playlists and choreography notes 

Marketing materials

Your classes will be posted on this website

Access to an exclusive support group with Naomi



Di Fabio

BarreBeats Creator and your Trainer

Naomi Di Fabio is creator of BarreBeats, VeraFlow,

FloorBarre by VeraFlow as well as multiple other formats

taught at Tribeca Studios in London where she is Head of Product.


Naomi is an international fitness presenter and a former

Zumba Education Specialist. She has traveled the world delivering high class fitness classes and training courses.